12th International Youth Festival – Contest of Arts “The Muses” | Bulgaria

  • Sozopol, Bulgaria
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The International youth festival of arts (IYFA) “Muzite” (in English “The Muses”) is a multi-genre festival and contest at different forms of arts: dance, music, theatre, fine arts, photography, film, magical and circus art, martial arts, etc.

Children and young people aged 5 to 35 years, coming from school of arts, academies, studios and kids centers, are allowed to take part in the festival-contest.

Teams/collectives and individual performers with representatives of over 35 years can participate in the non-competition program: the concert «Day of the country» and mix – concert at the closing session of the festival.

The IYFA “Muzite” is organized by the Association “Muzite” and the Municipality of Sozopol.

The 12th edition of IYFA «Muses» will be held from 05th to 15th July 2017 in the town of Sozopol, Bulgaria, in two sessions:

– 1st Session from 05th to 10th July. In the first session will be held competitions in sections: «Dance arts», «Fiction Literature», » Non-standard art forms» and „Film”

– 2nd Session from 10th to 15th July. In the second session will be held competitions in sections: «Music Arts», «Fine, Applied and photo arts» and «Theatre».

In addition to the competition, teams and individual performers may participate in non-contest program also.

Arrival of participants in the first session – 05th July; departure – 10th July.

Arrival of participants in the second session – 10th July, departure – 15th July

Participants may join at will in both sessions.

The extension of a stay of the participants is possible only prior to the beginning and after the end of the festival!

The performances of creative ensembles and solo artists may not be used for commercial purposes. All performances are free.

Each participant is able to take part in the nominations without limits under the condition of making a separate application form for each nomination and payment for each nomination.

 Participation fee includes participation in the contest in one section and one category of art. Participation in the competition in other sections and arts category is available for an additional fee.

Participant from team/collective, with a solo performance is considered to be an individual participant and must complete a separate application.

Prerequisite for participation in the festival is completing and sending the application form. Application forms should be filled clearly and contain complete and accurate information that is considered for final. Application certifies that the applicant accepts the conditions of the festival.

The same deadline is valid for sending electronically audio and/or video recordings of the pieces that the applicants will perform at the festival.

Participants in the festival-contest perform in the relevant age group.

Age groups of competitors:

  • First age group:        5 to 12 years inclusive.

  • Second age group: 13 to 18 years inclusive.

  • Third age group:      19 to 35 years inclusive.

In each team of a given age group is allowed up to 30% of the participants to be in younger or older age group.

The competition program will be drawn up by the organizing committee on the basis of the applications received. The order of performances in the competition is determined by the organizing committee in advance.

The order of the performances in the competition depends on the age of the participants (from junior to senior age groups) and requested nominations (from folk to classical and modern).

The rehearsal time set for each participant should not exceed 2 minutes for soloists and up to 5 minutes for groups. Under rehearsal time is understood the acoustic and space proportions of the scene, soundcheck of the recordings and the operation of the technical support (microphones, lights).

Each team and individual artist participates with a different program. Repeats of the same performance of a participant in concerts are not allowed.

Each team and soloist participates with two performances in the competition and with one performance in the closing session concert (laureates only), which are previously indicated in the application form.

Participants, who are not included in the competition program, participate in parade and mix concerts of opening and closing sessions of the festival, and in the provided days for non-contest appearances.

Each group can present two performances in a separate program up to 15 minutes in their style of choice, individual participants – up to 6 minutes in their style of choice.

The normal festival program includes conducting workshops in the various arts, led by  the festival Jury and leading specialists.

The program provides workshops in painting, applied arts and photography, literary and cinema-workshops within the theme “Magic of Sozopol and The Muses «

On the first day of each session is held organizational and technical conference with the writer, director, concert leaders, technical team (sound, lighting and special effects), managers of teams and individual participants. They specify the script for the parade and the opening of the session.

The participations present recordings for the performance of the group (soloist) on CD, or Flash memory disk, with great sound quality. Each record must be on a separate carrier with the name of the work and duration time. It is imperative to have a copy! The recordings will be returned after the performance.

Managers of the festival recommend that creative formations and soloists learn the text, music and choreography of the anthem of IYFA “Muzite”, and carry the national flag of their country.

The group leaders are fully responsible for their teams, costumes and props.

All heads of creative formations and individual participants must pay insurance for themselves in advance for the period of traveling and stay during the festival.

There are no restrictions on the number of performing ensembles and number of participants in each formation. The team directors alone determine the concert program. It is desirable that the musical accompaniment to the dancing and vocal groups is provided by an orchestra of folklore or modern musical instruments, but it is also open to any media: СD, mini CD, USB.

For their participation in the Festival the ensembles and the individual participants should have prepared the following types of programs:

–   participation in the competition program: two performances for participation in the contest with a duration stipulated in the Status quo of the festival;

–   participation in the noncompetition program: concert program up to 15 minutes (block-program or with breaks to change costumes) according to Status quo of the festival;

–   marches and processions along  the main streets of the town of Sozopol – groups carry the national flag of their country and the flag of the team (if any) procession fragments 3 to 5 minutes.

–   Solemn Gala Concert at the Closing program of the Festival up to 5 minutes ;

–   participation in concert “Day of the country” – games, songs, dances that are typical of their country;

–   daily joint events between the teams of different countries (exchange of experience, competitions, games, discos)

More detailed information can be found in the document below button “Status”.

All tourist services at the festival are provided by the “Espace” travel agency.

All information about prices may be found in the document below button «PRICE»

Sending audio, pictures or video material you warrant that you are the owner of the copyright holders.

Will not be tolerated gigs with offensive or obscene content, as well as inciting to violence.

All correspondence with the managers of the festival:


Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, Racho Dimchev  Str. , N 2



Tel/ fax

+359 2 981 01 06


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Further details: http://www.muzite.org

The closing date is 28 February 2017.