Dutch Design Contest, 2017

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Επισκόπηση θέσης εργασίας

Cristalplant® is launching the Dutch Design Contest 2017 and is seeking the best architects in the business! Creativity, innovation and technology are the focal points of this initiative, realised in collaboration with Tortu, the major Dutch manufacturer of non-conventional bathroom furnishings.

Participants must propose and develop an eclectic and original washbasin design constructed out of Biobased Cristalplant and inspired by the Tortu style. The Cristalplant® Dutch Design Contest 2017 is open, free of charge, to architects of all ages and nationalities. Cristalplant can be adapted to any form and concept: fluid, organic, perfectly planar, circular or faceted and angular. It is the absolutely ideal material for giving life to soft touch effect creations. The washbasin must be appropiate for use in luxury (rentall) appartments, hotels and office buildings.

Full information about Cristalplant technology is available on the www.cristalplant.it site and in the section dedicated to the Cristalplant® Design Contest (designcontest.cristalplant.it). Architect studios will be able to take part with several washbasin designs from different architects.

The projects which are not selected will not be published, to enable architects to present and re-use them in their professional practice.

The deadline for project submission is July 1, 2017. For each washbasin project, 3 renderings must be submitted in .jpg format at 150 dpi resolution, with dimensions 210×297 mm (A4 format) and with project titles corresponding to those listed on the entry form. The renderings must be uploaded in the dedicated section of the www.cristalplant.it site by the due date.

The project(s) selected by a jury (composed of qualified personalities from the design and furnishings world), whose decision is final, will be presented to the public and the press during the awards ceremony which will be held at the Tortu showroom in Rotterdam during the month of September. The jury will choose the winner from among the selected washbasins, who will be included in the TORTU catalogue. Any manufacturing of the product, by the end of 2018, will be entirely at TORTU’s sole discretion. There will therefore be significant visibility opportunities for the winner, who will be able to work alongside well-known designers and explore significant growth opportunities.

The full version of the contest rules, downloadable in pdf, is available in the section dedicated to the contest (designcontest.cristalplant.it). To take part in the competition, participants will only need to upload the project renderings they wish to propose in the appropriate section of the site.

Cristalplant: young and dynamic, the Treviso firm operates with an ever-attentive eye to innovation. It is no coincidence that for the past eight years it has focused on creatives and their potential through the well-known contest. Founded as a spin-off of Nicos International in the 1990s, Cristalplant operates according to a precise philosophy: respond to the needs of the designers and architects of their customer companies in order to ultimately satisfy the end user, to whom they also provide additional services and assistance.

Tortu: offers an interesting range of minimalist and innovative bathroom furnishings. Tortu’s vision is based on decades of Dutch design heritage. The result is strictly unconventional, but handcraft designed with the sole purpose of offering a moment of rest and relaxation. Tortu draws inspiration from the sea turtle. One of the oldest living reptiles, it has brilliantly adapted to a wide variety of climates and habitats. It is also regarded as a lucky charm. These are the characteristics that inspire Tortu when it designs its products. The company has an international vocation for showcasing and stimulating appreciation for the fresh and sparkling nature of Dutch design to a global audience, thanks to the audacity of its design and the quality of its creations.

Further details: http://www.cristalplant.it


The closing date is 1 July 2017.