European Banking Supervision – SSM Traineeship Programme

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This 12-month traineeship programme will give you the chance to spend a year at the heart of European banking supervision, working in as many as three different European countries. You will be assigned to one of the Joint Supervisory Teams (JSTs) in Directorates General Microprudential Supervision I and II (DG/MS I and II), which are responsible for the supervision of significant institutions within the scope of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). The SSM is Europe’s banking supervision system and comprises the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national competent authorities (NCAs) of the participating countries. You will also participate in assignments at up to two NCAs, each lasting four months, giving you the opportunity to learn about banking supervision on the job under the guidance of a JST coordinator.

Your role

You will contribute to the tasks of your JST by:

participating in the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP), including risk assessments;
analysing financial accounts and monitoring market perceptions of supervised entities;
analysing the legal and regulatory framework for financial institutions in various jurisdictions;
assisting with the collection and analysis of data, and generating tables, charts and reports.

This traineeship programme represents a unique opportunity for individuals with a keen interest in a career in banking supervision, finance, accounting or a related area. You will be exposed to a challenging professional environment and will work with high-calibre experts who will help you to develop your skills in an international and multicultural setting. This traineeship position offers excellent opportunities to gain extensive insight into banking supervision at the ECB and NCAs and use your language skills at the same time, while also offering structured training focusing on both technical and behavioural skills. You will join a dynamic team that strives for continuous innovation in order to have a positive impact on the lives of European citizens.


Further details: European Banking Supervision – SSM Traineeship Programme

The closing date is 29 January 2018.


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