Mars Graduate Programme

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Επισκόπηση θέσης εργασίας

The MLE is a perfect grounding for a career in business leadership. You’ll manage projects, take on roles with local and international exposure, lead teams, make decisions with real consequences and much more.

Over the course of the three 12-month placements you’ll get a complete overview of our business. You’ll experience different markets, different functions, different teams, countries and products. We’ll work with you to clarify and support your career thinking and tailor your path through the program.

The program runs across a number of the Multisales countries. Every area of our business will be open to you meaning you’ll have the chance to go on international assignments and you could be a Brand Manager, an Account Manager, a Supply Chain Project Manager and everything in-between.

Further details: Mars Graduate Programme

The closing date is 30 March 2018.


Απόφοιτος Πανεπιστημίου, Απόφοιτος ΤΕΙ, Διοίκησης, Επιστήμες Διοίκησης, Οικονομικές, Οικονομικές Επιστήμες

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