Master & PhD Programs, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic (2018)

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We are actively recruiting students who would enjoy coming to Prague and studying in one of our four international Masters of Science and/or Ph.D. degree programs taught in English.

The Czech University of Life Sciences – Faculty of Environmental Sciences is one of the leading research institutions dealing with issues of climate change and environmental protection in the EU.

The Faculty is located in Prague in the heart of Central Europe.

CULS is a member of the Euro League for Life Sciences Schools consortium (ELLS), a network of leading universities cooperating in the fields of natural resources management, agricultural and forestry sciences, veterinary sciences, food sciences, and environmental sciences.

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences currently has approximately 160 international students enrolled in our two-­‐year Master’s degree programs.

Typically these students have undergraduate degrees in Natural Sciences and Environmental Sciences, including Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Geology, Chemistry, Environmental Policy, Ecology, Forestry, Soil Science, GIS, etc.

The four Master’s programs offered in English in the Faculty (College) of Environmental Sciences are:

1. Landscape Planning (LPA)
2. Nature Conservation (NCO)
3. Environmental Modeling (ENVA)
4. Environmental Geosciences (EGS)

Tuition is approximately 200 Euro per year.
This low fee is made possible by high subsidies from the Czech government, which is a significant advantage for students from North America and other countries where they would typically incur significant debt for graduate studies.
The cost for applying is approximately $20 Euro.

Further details at the attached files: CULS FES Recruitment Letter 2018 Full.pdf

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