MOL Freshhh Competition, 2017

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Επισκόπηση θέσης εργασίας

Freshhh is an online international student competition, where students in teams of 3 members have to take over the management of an integrated oil corporation. Make decisions on field development projects, build a refinery for different products and find the best product portfolio, and set strategy on gas station network where the aim is to make a profit by expanding investment network portfolio.

The top 8 teams of the Freshhh competition get the opportunity to take part in the Live Final event, and the best students can be potential joiners of MOL Group’s fresh graduate programme, Growww.


  • University, college and Ph.D. students currently enrolled in a university or college education;
  • The tasks are focused on the oil and gas industry, therefore, it is advised to have practicality oriented members in the team.


  • First Prize: EUR 12,000
  • Second Prize: EUR 8,000
  • Third Prize: EUR 5,000

Further details: MOL Freshhh Competition, 2017