ND (Neutral Design) Photography Awards 2018

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ND Magazine is accepting submissions for the 2018 edition of ND Awards – their annual photo contest, aimed at promoting photography and photographers.

The competition is open to everyone. Amateurs and professionals alike from any country are eligible to participate.

ND Magazine’s idea is to create new opportunities to present valuable work to audiences all over the world. They aim to build a place where photographers can show different points of view and thrive through competition.

The 2018 competition categories include: Abstract, Architecture, Cityscapes, Fine Art, Portrait, People, Photojournalism, Nature, Landscape, Nudes, Seascapes, Street, Travel, Underwater, Urban, Wildlife.

Total cash prizes for 2018: $7,500:

  • Photographer of the Year – $2,500
  • Discovery of the Year – $1,300
  • 6 x Pro category winners – $500 each
  • 5 x Non-Pro category winners – $300 each

The ND Awards were inaugurated in 2014. Ever since, the photography competition is held annually.

Αναλυτικές πληροφορίες – Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής: contestwatchers.com

The closing date is 13 September 2018.