PhD Scholarships, Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, University of Surrey, UK (2017)

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A fully funded PhD opportunity has become available in the Centre for Biomedical Engineering, within the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, at the University of Surrey.

Coordinated muscle activity is necessary for activities ranging from walking and respiration to swallowing and pumping blood around the body. The muscles of the pelvis have not been investigated as comprehensively as other parts of the anatomy, despite being anatomically complex and performing several vital functions. One of these functions is maintaining continence. Failure of the muscles of the pelvis in this role results in a distressing condition for a significant proportion of the population. This studentship will directly contribute to the understanding of the condition and possible treatments.

Questions remain about the way that the muscles of the pelvis are structured and respond to activation. This project will address these open questions with the aim of a greater understanding of the physiology of the muscles and their contribution to continence.

This project will include constructing numerical simulations that capture the behaviour and interaction of the critical pelvic muscles. These simulations will further incorporate material models that capture the fascinating physiology of both smooth and skeletal muscle. Physical experiments to establish model parameters are also expected to be part of the project. Ultimately, validated numerical simulations will be linked with clinical conditions to provide insights into treatment pathways and, potentially, to optimise existing surgical approaches.


A first or upper-second class degree in engineering or physical sciences, or equivalent overseas qualification, or a lower second plus a good Masters degree. Experience of biomedical engineering and numerical modelling, particularly finite element analysis, would be beneficial but is not necessary.

Students are initially registered for a PhD with probationary status and, subject to satisfactory progress, subsequently confirmed as having PhD status.

Further details: PhD Scholarships, Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, University of Surrey, UK (2017)

The closing date is 8 December 2017.


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