PhD Scholarships, European University Institute, Italy (2018)

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Επισκόπηση θέσης εργασίας

The European University Institute provides advanced academic training to PhD students. The EUI carries out research in a European perspective (fundamental research, comparative research and Community research).

Doctoral programmes are offered in the following Departments:

  • the Department of History and Civilisation
  • the Department of Economics
  • the Department of Law
  • the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Research students can study for periods from one to three years. Three years for the Institute’s doctorate; one year’s study in comparative, European and international law (the Ll.M.); or in exceptional cases, one or two years’ doctoral training at the Institute before defending a thesis in the home university of the student.

Candidates should have an adequate knowledge of two official languages of the European Union. They should propose a specific thesis project that should be within the research areas covered by the Institute. Guidelines on how to set out the research proposal can be found on the (reverse side) of the application form.

Further details: PhD Scholarships, European University Institute, Italy (2018)

The closing date is 31 January 2018.


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