PhD Scholarships, University of St. Andrews, UK (2018)

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The University of St Andrews is calling applications from international students to apply for its The Douglas and Gordon Bonnyman Scholarships for PhD in the arts or humanities. It is generously supported by the Linda and Gordon Bonnyman Charitable Trust and is based partly on financial need.

The University of St Andrews is one of the UK’s top universities and is one of Europe’s most research-intensive seats of learning.

All students entering the University must provide evidence that they can use English well enough to study effectively at St Andrew’s.

Duration of award
3 years

Value of award (per year)
GBP 20,000

Tuition or maintenance award?

The award will be paid against tuition fees first, and the balance paid as maintenance if the tuition fee rate is below the annual award amount.


Scholarship of GBP 20,000 will be awarded.

Further details: PhD Scholarships, University of St. Andrews, UK (2018)

The closing date is 11 April 2018.


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