Postdoctoral Scholarships, CeMM, Austria (2018)

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Short Summary: The Bergthaler laboratory at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna is offering two positions for Postdoctoral Fellows to investigate fundamental molecular questions relevant to viral infections, antiviral immune responses and inflammatory pathologies. As evident by our most recent publications in Nature Immunology, Immunity or PLoS Pathogens, our group undertakes systemic approaches to infection, putting a strong emphasis on the crosstalk between metabolism and inflammation, and on capturing the pathophysiological complex dynamics at the organ and organism level.

The Projects: You will have the opportunity to make original contributions to pertinent questions of inflammatory diseases and infection biology.

Your Profile: If you are a PhD student in your last year of studies or a recent graduate who received the PhD no later than 3 years ago you are encouraged to apply. Applicants with a medical background (MD or DVM) and a strong inclination to molecular mechanistic research are much welcomed as well.

You should have a strong publication track record with at least one first-author paper in a peer-reviewed journal. You should have obtained extensive experimental training in molecular biology, immunology and animal models, and bring a pathophysiological understanding of infectious and inflammatory diseases with you. Computational biologists with interest in immunology and host-pathogen interaction or persons with strong interest in technology development for the aforementioned areas are also encouraged to apply. Further skillsets (e.g. histology, systems-level data analysis, population genetics, biomathematical modeling) are welcomed assets.

We are looking for highly motivated colleagues from diverse backgrounds (immunology, virology, microbiology, molecular biology, tissue biology, computational biology, technology development) who are enthusiastic to join our quest of addressing fundamental biological questions with relevance to human diseases. You should be a critical scientist with a creative mind to think the unthinkable and a team player with strong interdisciplinary communication skills. Ultimately, this position in a highly dynamic and engaging environment will empower you in your pursuit for continuing a scientific research career, especially on the path to becoming an independent principal investigator.

Further details: Postdoctoral Scholarships, CeMM, Austria (2018)


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