WOW Design Competition, 2018

  • Ημερομηνία ανάρτησης 10/11/2017
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Επισκόπηση θέσης εργασίας

World of WearableArt invites you to enter the internationally renowned design competition. Bring your work of art to life, on stage, for the whole world to see in 2018.

For 30 years, World of WearableArt has bewitched and beguiled. Now, for this very special anniversary event, we’re once again calling on designers, artists and creators everywhere to bring to life the worlds that live in your mind for this truly international design competition.

Perhaps you have entered before, and have been waiting for this special commemoration to return. Perhaps you enter regularly – in which case, the six worlds that have been created this year provide new scope for your art. You may never have entered before. What an extraordinary occasion on which to make your debut.

In three decades, our community of designers, artists and creators have changed how our audiences see life. They have put themselves on stage in a theatrical spectacular for the whole world to see.

Brilliantly. Intelligently. Generously.

Bring us the world of your imagination. Celebrate your creativity.

Further details: WOW Design Competition, 2018